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"Hey now! Hey now! This is what dreams are made of".

Fit for the Final Girl: 8-Week Health & Wellness Guide

October 31, 2020

I present to you my very first ebook, 

Fit for the Final Girl: 8-Week Health and Wellness Guide


Fit for the Final Girl focuses on Balance, Endurance and Strength training. With this guide, you'll gain the tools and muscles you need to become the final girl/guy of your horror movie. It also features horror icons: Danielle Harris, Felissa Rose and Tiffany Shepis! It may say final girl but this guide is really the perfect gift for all horror movie lovers! Are you up for the challenge?! 

I'm a Nickelodeon 2020 FINALIST!

October 16, 2019


I'm a 2019-2020 Nickelodeon Writing Program Semi-Finalist!

July 31, 2019

After submitting my spec script for Barbie Dream House Adventures in January, I've been chosen as a semi-finalist!!! WOW!

Cindy's Cruze: The Evolution of a Princess

February 19, 2018

The pilot to my first web series is HERE, Cindy's Cruze! Cindy's Cruze is about Cinderella becoming a "Lift" driver after princess qualifications have changed. Being a princess doesn't just mean you're beautiful and talk to animals, it means you work hard (out of the castle) to make your dreams come true.  

Enjoy and STAY TUNED for more to come!

E. Ashley Photography: Portrait Sessions

August 09, 2017

Recently featured on E. Ashley Photography's Portrait Sessions! Read between the photos...

NHFF Showcases Films From Across The Globe

August 08, 2017

I finally made it into my hometown's newspaper! I couldn't make it to the festival so my mom and step-dad stepped in. 

Preview of In Good Faith

July 14, 2017

A truly touching blog written on my short film, In Good Faith.


March 15, 2017

Honored to be a part of this season's HORRIFIED! I don't share this story with most people so consider yourself warned!

School's In Session!

February 13, 2017

I get to cross this off of my bucket list. I was a guest on my favorite podcast, The Movie Crypt!

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