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My Custom Teeth Whitening Experience PLUS Giveaway!



I am a firm believer in Little Orphan Annie’s words; "You are never fully dressed without a smile"! I’ve done plenty of photo shoots in my day, whether I’m playing princess as a character performer, walking the red carpet, or simply being myself. My go to pose includes a smile. I don’t really know how not to smile when it comes to taking a photo.

I recently graduated college with my master’s degree in screenwriting. My golden writing hours (as I like to call them) are from 7PM – 3AM so coffee and diet soda are my best friends...but not for my teeth!

Currently, I work freelance in the film industry. I’ve made many connections through different companies by having a strong work ethic and I also like to think my infectious smile, as I’ve been told I have. I never know when an opportunity will arise where I will have to travel to LA for an interview or to pitch ideas.

So when Smile Brilliant reached out to do a collaboration with me, I was FULLY on board!

Check out my reaction from my #Instagram @TheMorningBuns !

And I couldn't be happier that they did! I became obsessed.

Let's talk about it!

I am not going to lie, I was very intimidated at first. There were quite a few directions (all included in the package & also very helpful YouTube videos)! I kept thinking I would mess up before I even tried, but seriously, once you get started, it is VERY easy to use!

However, I did mess up! But that's okay because their Customer Service representatives are amazing and work really hard to answer all emails/phone calls every day. Any time someone has an issue they are there to help assist with it! I wanted to make sure both of my impressions were correct so thank goodness I reached out to them and within maybe a day max they let me know I had to redo my bottom impressions! And I was able to redo them because the package comes with extra product JUST IN CASE!

And what makes things EVEN EASIER (as if this product couldn't get any better) is that they include a RETURN ENVELOPE (mine was pink), with the label already attached to send their way and within a few days you'll receive your customized trays *heart eyes emoji*!

I'm seriously in love! It has become a staple part of my nightly routine, even when I travel (very compact), and if you miss a night your teeth do not fade at all.


  1. After I clean my face, I brush my teeth with just water.

  2. Then I apply the whitening gel onto my trays.

  3. Since I go to bed pretty late as it is, I leave them in for 1hr minimum to 3 hours max (you can't even feel them)!

  4. Then I brush my teeth with non-whitening toothpaste, use mouth wash, floss and rinse my trays.

  5. Next step is to apply the desensitizing gel onto the trays and wear them for another 20 minutes.

  6. All done! Just don't rinse your mouth or brush your teeth again!

As seen in my picture below, you do not need to use a lot of the gels, only 1/3 of them each use!

You Need To Get Your Hands On This!

Only after a few uses, my parents were complimenting me on my teeth and they didn't even know I was using the product!


One of my lucky followers will receive the same exact kit valued at $149!

All you have to do is:

Click on this link and enter your name and e-mail address, THAT'S IT!

Didn’t win? Use my Smile Brilliant discount code for 15% off sitewide:

themorningbuns15 to save on any system, whitening gel, or desensitizing gel syringes!

I am living on the east coast at the moment working on my own series. It is a television show for children about fitness. If there’s one thing I’d want a child to take away from the show about their physical appearance, it’s that their smile is their greatest asset #SmileFearlessly.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Delaney from Smile Brilliant who reached out to me in the first place. I am so honored to have been chosen to try the product and it has been a pleasure!

Music Listened To While Writing:

Sia - You're Never Full Dressed Without A Smile



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