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Black-Led Pregnancy Organizations You Should Know About



Hi everyone! I know it's been a very long time since my last blog post and that is because I wanted to leave writing blogs in 2019. However, with the #BlackLivesMatter movement becoming more prevalent, I cannot help but share some Black-led organizations that have opened my eyes.

Before doing my extensive research, my goal was to find Black-led pregnancy resource centers as well as crisis pregnancy centers. As you may know, I am a pro-life woman and have been since learning about the horrors of abortion in the 7th grade. I go to pro-life protests, events and I volunteer at A Baby's Breath Crisis Pregnancy Center here in Pennsylvania. These centers are nonprofit and the amount of work that goes into helping women before, during and after pregnancy continues to amaze me, but that doesn't mean they can't use a little help. That's why I wanted to compile a list of Black-led organizations you and I can help support.

When I posted in a pro-life #Facebook group that I'm a member of about the centers I was looking for, I was recommended to the organization, Abide Women's Health Services, located in Dallas, Texas. I immediately reached out and have been emailing back and forth with their co-founder and executive director, Cessilye R Smith.

Cessilye was more than happy to educate me on their center, which is a Maternal Justice Organization. I have to admit, I had no idea what that was and after doing my research, I came to love what they stand for. These organizations exist to improve birth outcomes in communities in which the lowest quality of care is provided; predominately focusing on black women and indigenous people of color and Abide Women's Health Services is an exception.

What sets Abide a part from other Maternal Justice Organizations is their list of core values.

One including:

"We believe in redemptive justice which is justice that has its end in reconciliation, peace, and flourishing for all parties based on Christ's sacrifice as its model of self-giving love of neighbor".

I highly recommend reading their full list of Core Values here.

Although Abide Women's Health Services do not consider themselves pro-life, they are unapologetically life affirming and are focused on infant and maternal mortality vs. abortion, which is something I can get behind.

"It doesn't mean we don't care about abortion but we just believe that seeing to a woman mental, physical, emotional and sometimes spiritual needs is really what is needed to combat abortion. With that said, we collaborate with people and organizations that may or may not be pro-life. Some people don't like that but I pride myself on our ability to reach across the aisle to find common ground."

- Cessilye R Smith

I 100% agree with Cessilye's mission. Finding common ground is necessary in opening people's minds and hearts to listen.

Abide Women's Health Services has a very active #Instagram account that I highly recommend to give a follow here.

To donate to their organization please click here.

If you'd like to learn more about Maternal Justice Organizations, check out this very informative article: 9 Organizations Working To Save Black Mothers


Not only did I have the pleasure of speaking with Cessilye, but I was also honored to speak with Pregnancy Resource Centers and Crisis Pregnancy Centers that have Black women in leadership and employment.

These centers include:

Southside Pregnancy Center located in Evergreen Park, IL

First Coast Women’s Services located in Jacksonville, FL

To give a brief definition, much like Maternal Justice Organizations, Pregnancy Centers serve communities and the women within those communities to provide them life affirming alternatives to abortion. What pregnancy centers do to facilitate that life affirming option is speak the truth to women about the life that they are carrying inside of them.

Not only do pregnancy centers offer different resources that help families choose life for their babies such as providing parenting classes and giving them referrals to continued medical care or social services, they also offer ultrasound services so that women before or as they are making this critical decision are able to view their baby on the screen (which Planned Parenthood does not allow).

The specific centers I listed serve a diverse community and have a diverse staff, (but trust me there are a lot more out there)! They want women to see themselves when they go to their centers for their services. These centers, as well as Abide Women's Health Services, depend on donations of material items as well as monetary donations to uphold their mission of helping women and their families forever.

Here are the following links to donate to each Pregnancy Center:

If you'd like to learn more about Pregnancy Centers, read and watch the videos included in this article: The Truth About Pregnancy Centers

This book is also packed with valuable information:


It was a privilege of mine to take on this assignment and educate myself on the similarities and differences of Maternal Justice Organizations and Pregnancy Centers.

If you or someone you know are experiencing an unknown pregnancy, need assistance during your pregnancy, or are struggling from a past abortion please visit these websites:

Birth Center Equity Fund which was recommended by Cessilye R Smith of Abide Women's Health Services

Care Net which is the website I used when working on Marketing for the 2019 film, Unplanned.


I will always be a voice for the unborn. I learn more and more about the political side of this issue every day and am open to having a peaceful conversation with people who have a difference of an opinion.

My last thoughts:

Social justice begins in the womb.

The love of Christ will end division.

Music Listened To While Writing:

Audra Day - Rise Up




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