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2019 Favorites!



Happy New Year and Happy NEW DECADE! Isn't that crazy? 2020, WOW! I feel like just yesterday I was graduating from high school, but not only did that happen, I also graduated from college and graduate school...all within the same 10 years!

I've been seeing quite a few social media posts about accomplishments within the decade, but I'm going to be honest, I did not allot enough time for that to write in this blog. I'll dive back into the past on my own time. It may help me put some things into perspective :)

This blog post is about my favorite things of 2019, which may have been one of my most self accomplished years of my life. Meaning, I took a lot of time for myself this year because boy was I a mess in the years before.

I wanted to finish off 2019 with this post, which is inspired by the template below. I'd love to see what your favorites were as well so be sure to tag me @TheMorningBuns on Instagram as well as the template creator, @shethespy !

Let's get started!


This one is the hardest/longest so let's get it out of the way!

Quick back story! As a writer, I am always submitting spec scripts and original scripts to contests and writing programs. This year I submitted to the Sesame Street Writers' Room, Nickelodeon Writing Program, HBOAccess 2020 Writing Fellowship, Disney/ABC TV Writing Program, LinkedIn Disney Dream Experience, etc.

Now when I submit, I never get my hopes up. I am my own worst critic and can be extremely negative. However, this year I truly believed I was the perfect candidate for a few of these programs. My dream is to create a TV series for kids and the adults like me who are a kid at heart.

Long story short, I did not get into the Sesame Street Writing Program, HBOAccess 2020 Writing Fellowship or LinkedIn Disney Dream Experience. I have yet to hear anything from the Disney/ABC TV Writing program but...

I was a Top 6 finalist in the Nickelodeon Writing Program!

It kind of saddens me to recall this moment but here it is:

The first week of July was when my family and I moved my entire life from Los Angeles, California back to New Hope, Pennsylvania. It was heartbreaking because I loved living in California and it was my lifelong dream and moving out kind of represented failing (to me)! I lived there for 5 years.

Two weeks pass and I'm in the car with my Mom and Sister (who was home from college for Summer break) and I get a call from Burbank, CA and let it go to voicemail not even thinking anything of it! We get home and and I listen to the voicemail and it's someone from #NICKELODEON!

I go out to the front porch because it may be bad news and I don't want to upset my Mom or my Sister. I call back, first time sent to their voicemail and then I call back immediately after (again) and reach the person who called me.

They gave me literally (in this moment) life-changing news letting me know I was a semi-finalist in the program. They chose 12 semi-finalists out of 1400-1500 applicants. I could not believe it.

I went back into the house, my Mom and Sister on pins and needles, and gave them the good news. We had the biggest group hug and I swear my Sister shed some tears (and she isn't one to cry). I called my Dad, my Step-Dad, my 11 year-old cousin, pretty much everyone I could and I went to bed singing High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco. Truly the best moment of 2019.

And it only saddens me to recall this moment because ultimately I did not get into the program. I did get to travel back to Los Angeles for 11 interviews with over 50 Nickelodeon executives over the course of 3 days and the day before Thanksgiving was when they called to let me know I wasn't a "right fit" for the program and that there's "nothing" they can teach me. So that's another moment that sticks out, but I'll save that for a future blog post if you're interested.


Hands down, PEN15. You may remember a previous blog post of mine about it! For more reasons why this is my favorite show of 2019, click here. You can stream all episodes of PEN15 on Hulu!

Honorable mention TV show:

Instant Hotel on #Netflix. I watched and rewatched this show, probably 4 times! I had to share the greatness with my friends and family! The first season is where it's at. I felt like the contestants were family after watching it. The second season is just so, so.


#IT by Stephen King

Oh my goodness, this was a HUGE accomplishment of mine in 2019. I wanted to read the book before the second part of the film came out and no one thought I could do it, but I DID! I set a goal to read 50 pages a day and I finished it! It was extremely disturbing, but fantastic and I needed a book detox after it. You will too.


Unplanned - Written & Directed by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman

I may be a little bias on this once since I was a part of the Marketing Team on this film, but this film isn't just a true story, it's also a movement. Read why this is the one film you should've seen in 2019 here.


Hurt Me (From "Songland) - Performed by #MeghanTrainor, Written by #KOLE

I discovered this song from a person I follow on Instagram. Apparently her relative is KOLE, who was a contestant on the show, Songland, and her song was chosen for Meghan Trainor. I became obsessed and it's SUCH A GOOD SONG, I don't want it to end. KOLE's version of the song is also quite amazing. I wish they would release it! Check out a clip from her episode here.

Honorable Mention Song:

The King Of Wishful Thinking - Go West

Oh my heart. I almost made this my top favorite song of 2019, but it was released YEARS ago! I heard it when waiting in line at #Saladworks and fell in L-O-V-E. The video is a cinematic masterpiece and I MEAN THAT! I find myself singing this song ALL. THE. TIME. It's right up there in my top 5 fave songs next to Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody.


IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream w/ SPF 50+

This product was brought to my attention when I totally forgot my foundation when I was on vacation so I had to use my Mom's. She handed me this product and after the end of the was mine (lol). This foundation is FULL COVERAGE, lightweight, has a lemon scent, AND has SPF! What more do you need?! Also, you only need to use like less than a dime size for full coverage. And I've had it for MONTHS! Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this product. I get it at Ulta.

Honorable Mention Beauty Product:

Brilliant is RIGHT about this product. I can't get enough of it. It's become a part of my staple, nightly routine and my teeth are now how I like 'em, pearly white. Check out my review of the product here.

If you're interested in using this product, use code: TheMorningBuns15 for 15% OFF. It helps support me and saves you $$$!


I changed this topic from Wardrobe Piece to Wardrobe Brands because I couldn't just pick one! I lost 30+ lbs this year so my body was all different sizes and these brands made me #FeelGoodClothed any time of the year! I feel like all my closet is at the moment are these brands! Favorite pieces:

BUFFBUNNY COLLECTION (BTW, I made it into the TOP 12 of their model search, along with my cousin this year, which was also a memorable moment)!

Jasmine Joggers - I have these in 5 different colors, but I pretty much wear the black pair every day.

Beyond Hoodie Super cute and warm!

Spice Jacket - I'm not comfortable showing my arms yet so I love pairing this jacket with my workout attire! I hope they bring it back in different colors.

Rosa Legging - Most comfortable leggings you will ever wear and also the most flattering, especially for the gym, PLUS they're squat proof!

**Great sale happening right now!


I'm The Present Christmas Sweatshirt - Jessie James Decker (Founder of Kittenish) launches THE BEST holiday attire every year!

Cleo Black Cotton Lace Up Leggings - SO flattering, dressy and comfortable!

Kittenish Logo Hoodie - My favorite lightweight hoodie!

Carmen Strapless Tan Jumpsuit - I've never felt more beautiful.

** Always look out for sales on their website! I've gotten every piece when they've been on sale! GREAT sale happening right now!


Their website is way too big for me to find the pieces I have! But I have the pants shown in these photos in several different colors and wore them for every special occasion! Also, I got two of the same pairs of shoes (style shown in photo) in different colors, both $8. Super comfy and dressy, love them. THANK YOU H&M.


And how I lost 30+lbs you may ask??? #WeightWatchers, now known as #WW. Who would have thought?! This program changed my life and cured my eating disorder. Their app made it so easy to track my food and navigate the grocery stores! But it doesn't end there! If you'd like a blog post on this program, let me know!


These bars will change your life...I say no more.

Instagram Acc:

I would not have lost 30+ lbs and cured my eating disorder if it wasn't for this woman. I found Felicia when I was scrolling through my explore page on Instagram. Her story is incredible. She lost 147lbs on Weight Watchers naturally! It inspired me to join the program and it was the greatest decision I have ever made, seriously! She also has a YouTube channel where she shares her stories, workouts and recipes! Check it out here.

And last but certainly not least...


I heard about Bailey Sarian from another YouTuber, Lynette Marie (who's also amazing). Every Monday, Bailey posts a true crime video while she does her makeup! So I watch it while I do my makeup and get ready for the day :) I became hooked and have watched every video of hers that I missed. And on Saturdays she posts a regular, get ready with me video! She is my ultimate favorite YouTuber and that is why I've bought plenty of her merch :D Most recently she collaborated with LoudLacquer on nail polish! I'm hoping for a makeup palette in the near future!

So there you have it, my 2019 favorites!

I wish you all a safe and very Happy New Year. I pray you are about to walk into the greatest year of your life!


YOU already have what it takes!

Music Listening To While Writing:

Panic! At The Disco - High Hopes



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