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This Web Series Is What The World Needs Right Now!



My 5-year-old self as well as my 25 year-old self...



If there is any form of content that I recommend right now, that would be Christy Carlson Romano's web series, Christy's Kitchen Throwback on her #YouTube Channel!

My Mini "All Is Lost Moment"

Ten days ago I moved out of my Los Angeles apartment after living there for 5 years pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. As I boxed up my life that I had created in my LA town of Burbank, I chose to focus on the negatives of this city of angels so I wouldn't, well you know, cry.


At the end of 2018, I headed back to the east coast after the passing of my best friend because after 5 years of not living with my family, I needed them more than ever.


So when I returned to LA almost a year later, many things had changed!

Construction was every where, most specifically right in front of my apartment, which made the move even more difficult.

Friends were finally reaching out to me...only to ask what I was doing with my furniture.

The homeless population most definitely escalated.

And my favorite cupcake shop...

...on Highland Avenue...

...was turned...






I mean what has this city come to?!

The moment it finally hit me that I was leaving my version of "the land of opportunity" was when no one I knew tried to stop the plane I was taking off on like in every good romantic comedy.

I let it slip to a few people which airport I was flying from, the airline I was on, time of take off, etc.!

I mean was that too much to ask?

I digress.

The other night I cried myself to sleep because I felt I let every opportunity I was ever given slip away and questioned why I even moved out to Los Angeles in the first place. I was hopeless and decided to give up...

...for 24 hours.

That is until Christy Carlson Romano's latest video popped up in my YouTube subscriptions. It was Christy cooking with my favorite Cheetah girl, Dorinda, also known as Doe, most well known as Sabrina Bryan!

I then rewatched every episode of the series Christy has created so far and it reminded me WHY I moved out to California in the first place.

When I was a kid, Disney Channel was my EVERYTHING! My schedule revolved around which show was going to be on at what time, sleepovers were when the newest DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) would be airing and OH MY GOSH their New Year's Eve party was just the BEST!

Disney Channel was my reason to have big dreams in the first place. It was an end goal for me then and is an end goal for me now.

Christy's show is what this world needs right now because Christy and her guests are embracing what trials and challenges they faced when working in the industry, with gratitude and not a bad attitude. It is the show all nineties kids wanted, but never got after their favorite shows ended!

Christy, you're a genius and thank you for gifting us all with as Will Friedle called it in episode one, comfort food (both literally and figuratively #YUMMY).

Music Listened To While Writing:

The Cheetah Girls - Together We Can



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